This Plan Includes: 


Macro & Adjustments: I give you all the tools you will needed to get started! You will recieve education on how to track your nutrition if tracking is the approach you're wanting to follow. If you are wanting to a meal plan created for you by our registered dieitians, then you are provided a personalized nutrition plan! Over the next 60 days we will have weekly check-ins to fine-tune your nutrition and to make sure you are on the right path to ultimate progress.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. My BeneFIT Body app has a 24/7 messenger tool that I encourage you to use!  No question is a silly question! 



What is included:


– BeneFIT Body app access

- A 60-day nutrition education course to provide the clients with knowledge power so she can continue on with this lifestyle for L I F E ! 

-24/7 messenger tool

-weekly check-ins/updates to macros as needed

-bi-weekly meal plan updates (or as needed - this only pertains to clients wishing to follow a meal plan approach and ot flexible dieting)
– Supplement Recommendation
– Cardio Guidelines
– Food List/Guide

– Plans will be sent no later than 48 hours after assessment has been sent to me!

– Plan does not include workouts. 


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60-Day Customized Nutrition Program

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