Does Life Balance even Exist?

Life balance...AH, yes...that thing that all of us continue to strive to find...but do we ever really find the true balance?

Most of my audience are I am a mother too...most of my messages relate to mothers and our situations. That being said, finding a life balance is almost beyond impossible for the first few years of your little ones' life -- life is all about nap schedules, feedings, snack time, bed time, routines, appointments, making sure you brush your hair and teeth in the morning, yada yada! The list could go on F O R E V E R for us moms...

Our plates are usually SO ridiculously full that whenever we get actual "moments" to ourselves, we usually end up spending them sitting on a couch staring off into the dead of silence - not thinking about anything, enjoying the silence...and not having snacks blasted off of our face.

That being said...when we throw in the desire to get into shape and work on our health and fitness...HOLY CRAPIOLI - are you kidding me, Sharon?! I don't even have time to finish a hot coffee!

That is where the mindset shift comes into need :)

You see, YES - we are busy...busier than ever. Moms have more on their agenda than you could ever imagine...and then when we think about getting in shape and healthy we can sometimes think its borderline impossible...that is where I will mindfully say that thinking process is incorrect!

Getting in shape and healthy doesn't mean we have to spend hours in a gym or on a treadmill...or spending hours in the kitchen meal prepping these foo-foo snacks and meals made from's about taking the time you DO have each day to devote to this and using it to your best possibility. Perhaps you only have nap times as your time to get in a workout? PERFECT! 15 minute or 30 minute workouts for you during nap time! Or maybe you work outside of the home and you're also a mother - lets Chunk your workouts! 15 minutes in the morning before work and 15 minutes after work! Or lets say there are only 3 days out of the week it could work for you? PERFECT! 3 is better than NONE! right?!

Same thing goes for nutrition - you don't have to 110% change your life around overnight in order to see some true substantial progression with your composition and health - make smart and small changes to your nutritional patterns daily that can lead up to the big picture!

Such as:

-Being more conscious with your food choices

-Eating out less, eating at home more

-planning your meals out ahead of time

-Grocery pick up or delivery

-Paying attention to your portions - finish eating when you feel satisfied!

-Sit while you're eating your food and enjoy every bite

-Take less "little bites" and "sips" -- all of those can add up! You'd be surprised :)

Ultimately, there are a ton of things you can do NOW to get started toward a healthier happier Y O U . Don't wait for the perfect time - or for a time in your life where there is going to be "MORE" time -- sorry to break it to you, but that more than likely won't happen!

It sounds cliche, but truly - there is not a better time to begin your journey toward great health, fitness and CONFIDENCE than right now!

I believe that life balance is something that is never going to be 100% achieved - life is changing constantly - every day differs - so instead of focusing on "balance" - focus on putting certain things of a higher priority for yourself and doing your personal best to tend to those priorities daily - and on those days you can't get to them, plan to get to them as soon as you can.

Make a plan, and stick to it the best you can. Set goals, set boundaries for yourself, set your mindset to nothing but pure

Feel free to message me if you have personal questions and/or want a bit more support getting going on a routine!