10 smart ways to sneak veggies and fruits into your kids’ meals

Tips and tricks on how to get your kids to eating their greens with mama!

As if being a mom didn't already come with enough challenges, why do they have to push away their vegetables too?! HELLO! We just want you to get in your minerals and vitamins too, kids!

Fortunately, some children really do love their veggies - our daughter Chloe loves all of the vegetables we've introduced to her - thank GOODNESS...but if your kid seems to be a bit more on the pickier side, here are some super awesome tips and tricks on how to get your kid eating more veggies without dealing with the hour of refusal!

1. Healthy veggie/fruit muffins!

Yes! Muffins! All you have to do to incorporate veggies/fruits into muffins is either chop them up and put into the batter OR -- puree your veggie (such as carrots, squash or zucchini!) (or fruits like berries, banana, apple, etc) and add it to the muffin mix! This way your kids will be getting veggies or fruits in, just inside of a muffin :) They don't even have to know ;) Check out this awesome recipe right here for fruit/veggie muffins!

2. Black bean brownies

YES, I know this sounds so weird! But the taste is incredible and your children will be getting their fiber in without even knowing it! Here's a recipe for some awesome black bean brownies.

3. Spaghetti sauce!

Super crazy idea! Spaghetti sauce has all sorts of different hidden vegetables like tomatoes, onions, zucchini, carrots, celery and peppers. This is where having pureed veggies on hand in the freezer comes in so handy. Another trick is to use your favorite regular spaghetti sauce and just add shredded veggies to meatballs, and use oatmeal in place of bread crumbs.


Kids love smoothies (for the most part!) make your kids a delicious fruit smoothie but add some greenery in there!

5. Yogurt covered fruit!

Cover berries, bananas, apples, and a ton of other types of fruit with a healthy yogurt mix made from vanilla greek yogurt or plain yogurt with some added in honey for sweetness!

6. Fruit and yogurt parfaits!

Combine a little oatmeal and honey and layer in between chopped up berries, bananas, apples, oranges and a little dollop of Greek yogurt on top! Your kids will love this snack and will be getting ample amounts of fiber and fruit serving!

7. Birds Eye Brand flavored veggies!

BONUS - these are in a ready to steam in the microwave BAG! They have things from ranch cauliflower to buffalo flavored broccoli! YUM - give this a shot to get your kids eating more veggies!

8. Birds Eye Veggie PASTA!

ANOTHER BONUS! These are also found in the frozen veggie section and come in steamable bags! These delicious zucchini noodles come in cheddar, marinara, olive oil and a ton of other yummy flavors.

9. Green Giant Cauliflower and broccoli tots!

Literally just like a tator tot but FULL of veggies! AWESOME - I guarantee your kids will eat these up and so will you!

10. Decorative fruit and veggie platters with a yummy dip!

Sometimes presentation IS everything to children...try serving fresh veggies and fruit on a colorful platter/tray with a couple of fun and delicious dips such as Greek yogurt ranch!

I hope these ideas help you out and get your children eating more veggies and fruits! :)