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Attention: Women 25 to 55 Who Have 20+ lbs. of Body Fat to Lose

Are You Fed Up With Weight Loss Programs That Don't Work (Despite How Hard You've Tried)?

What if THIS Simple-To-Follow Plan Could Help You Finally Shed the Extra Unwanted lbs. Once and for All?

Without Spending All of Your Time in the Gym or Painfully Starving Yourself of Your Favorite Foods

Dear Reader,


Have you put on extra weight that makes you feel self-conscious… or uncomfortable in your own skin?


Are you feeling bloated or like your clothes are fitting too tight?


Do you ever compare yourself to old pictures… wishing you could be back at the same weight you used to be?


Have you ever gone on a weight-loss diet and felt like you were starving the entire time?


Are you irritated from all the things you've tried to lose weight that didn’t work?


Have you ever sacrificed food you love… only to step on the scale and see you still haven’t lost a single pound?


Or… felt disappointed in yourself… because you regained the weight you lost… after you worked so hard to lose it?


Do you beat yourself up when you’re not perfect on a diet or exercise plan?


Have you ever been angry at yourself for not having enough willpower to stay on track?


Does it feel like every exercise program takes too much time… to the point it’s hard to fit into your busy schedule?


Have you felt like giving up… because despite how hard you try… you don’t even see the smallest change?


I know… it can be disheartening…


But… Inside this letter I’m going to share with you everything you need to know to lose body fat… 


Boost your metabolism… 


Gain confidence in your own body… 


How to keep the weight off for good…


And… how to do it without having to go on a painful and restricting diet…


Or… spending endless hours in the gym…


Regardless if everything you’ve tried in the past has failed…


I’m aware… all this may sound hard to believe…


You’ve already tried so many things to lose weight…


That you don’t believe it’s possible…


Or… that it might work for others… but not for you…


That’s exactly how I (and many of my clients) felt before I finally figured out how to shed the extra weight and keep it off…


But… if you stick with me to the end of this letter… 


I’ll show you how it’s possible for YOU to get the same results…


And experience the joy that comes from losing weight and feeling confident in your own body.


I’ve tested my results proven program time and time again with hundreds of clients… 


Helping them lose the extra weight… 


Drop inches around their body… 


And feel attractive and confident in their skin…


I’m positive it can do the same for you!


You’re in the right place if:


You’re a woman 30 to 55… who has 20 or more pounds to lose…


You’re tired of all the weight-loss “gimmicks” that don’t create lasting change…


You’ve tried all the other diets… exercise programs… and still haven’t achieved the results you’re looking for…


You want to have the lean body you’ve always dreamed of…

Hi, My Name is Kelsey Melling.


I’m a certified Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist and Personal Coach.


For a good part of my life I struggled with my weight…


At one point I weighed 200 pounds.

I gained weight easily and definitely was not gifted with a “fast metabolism”…


Or “naturally lean” genetics…


I was overweight… unhappy… insecure about how I felt in my body.


I hated wearing tight clothes… that dug into my skin.


I found it too embarrassing to go in public wearing a swimsuit…


I was even self-conscious being naked around my husband (even though he never said anything).


I’m almost ashamed to admit it now…


But I tried all those silly diets… diet pills… and belly wraps…


Hoping I could find something that could help me lose the weight that caused me to feel so insecure in my own skin…


But to be honest… none of them created long-term change and were hard to follow for any length of time.


And… if I did somehow manage to lose a few pounds…


To my disappointment… I’d be right back where I started in a few short weeks.

I felt so unhappy, unhealthy and uncomfortable in my skin that I became so fed up that I decided I MUST change…


I had had enough and was ready to do whatever it would take to get in the best shape of my life.


I spent several weeks on my laptop searching for the best way to lose weight… get in shape and keep the weight off.


Hour after hour… I combed through fitness websites… online forums… articles… YouTube videos… books… you name it…


There was so much conflicting information… that it was near impossible to distinguish what method would get me the results I was looking for.


It seemed like every approach claimed their way was the right way… and the other was the wrong way.


Then… one summer evening while chatting on the back patio with a family friend…


Who had lost a decent amount of weight and managed to keep it off…


We were discussing my recent search for a weight loss program…


When she suggested I check out an online community she had found…


Where she and other women… from around the country had followed a program that they were seeing results from.


The next morning… I browsed through several pages and topics on this community’s website.


Reading through the details of the program…


I began to discover that sustainable weight loss is based on having the correct nutrition plan…


Combined with short high intensity work outs.


Finding out that all the previous diets and exercise programs that I tried…


Made it overcomplicated… hard to follow… and difficult to stick with in the long run.


The program that these ladies were using… was simpler and easier to follow than anything I had tried before.


Yet… it wasn’t based around restricting calories so much that you feel like you’re starving all the time.


Or… spending hours in the gym every day that made it impossible to fit in around my busy schedule.


Instead it was based on a simple to follow nutrition plan… and high intensity work outs… that took a lot less time to finish.


From all my research… I was convinced that this program sounded like a good fit for me.


So… I decided to sign up for one of their pre-made programs.


In the beginning I saw a decent amount of results.


It felt like the first few pounds melted off.


But… halfway into the program…


The same plateau I’ve experienced with every other program showed up.


It was as if all the forward progress came to a grinding halt.


Even though I was following the program to the letter. The scale wasn’t budging anymore.


While there was good initial results…


After a short period of time… the “cookie-cutter” approach wasn’t working for me anymore.


Soon after that… late night binge eating started to creep back into the picture.


Work out sessions started getting missed… and the scale was starting to go back up.


But… I remembered how it felt to feel so unhappy and uncomfortable in my skin…


And decided it was time for me to dig in deeper and start figuring out exactly what I needed to do to get to my ideal weight.


This is when I decided to dedicate my life to studying fitness… nutrition… fat loss and how to achieve a lean and strong body.


Day after day… I spent hours studying the personal trainer and nutrition books… (the books to become a certified personal trainer & nutritionist).


Then I started experimenting with all my previous diet and work out knowledge…


And the new information I was learning.


The scale started moving downward again! I was seeing noticeable results.


…and then I’d hit another plateau.


It was so disheartening!


After a few more adjustments… like magic… I found a nutrition… workout and mindset combination that started burning the fat off my body…


And started revealing my swimsuit body that I’ve always dreamed of.


Everywhere I went… people were noticing… and giving me compliments.


Event better… My husband (then boyfriend) was telling me how proud he was and how amazing he thought I looked.


Everyone wanted to know how I did it…


Several of my co-workers and family friends were asking what my secret was.


So… I decided to help a couple of my closest friends and co-workers lay out a customized plan for their own personal weight loss…


It wasn’t long before they were coming back to me bursting with joy…


Because the weight was starting to fall right off of them.


A couple of them lost so much weight in the first month…


That they had to replace their entire wardrobe because they no longer fit into their old clothes.


Seeing the smiles on their face and the confidence they exuded from the changes with their body… made me feel so happy for them.


It didn’t hit me that I had figured out such a powerful program…


Until their friends started messaging me asking if I could help them out too.


After being asked on a daily basis for a couple of weeks… I decided to make the process I figured out into a 12-week program.


That’s how my Mind-Body Transformation Program was born.


Soon after that I decided to get my personal trainer & nutritionist certifications.


And started training clients in my spare time outside of my job.


The response was so overwhelmingly positive…


That I decided to quit my job and make it my full-time mission in life to help my clients transform their body.


Over the years of training clients in person… I refined my program and was able to help my clients shed the extra weight.


Now I’m making the Mind-Body Transformation Program available to clients online.

Here are Some of the Most Common Mistakes Women Make When Trying to Lose Weight

Once I started training clients... I discovered that there were several “myths” that women believe about weight loss... that completely hold them back from losing weight… and I’d like to share them with you.


Mistake #1: Starving Themselves of Foods They Enjoy: Let go of the guilt and the “bad food” mindset. When we work together... we create a healthy relationship with all food... focus on portion... creating healthy boundaries and following customized calories/macronutrients. 


Mistake #2: Avoiding carbs... because the “diet books” said they’re bad for you: carbohydrates are actually crucial to your success... as they provide energy, improve circulation and muscle recovery. All three macronutrients play an important role in our bodies function... and help us thrive mentally. 


Mistake #3: Avoiding strength training… because they think it will make them big... and bulky: This is such a common misconception to beginners and with women who are new to fitness in general. Strength training, is in fact the number one way to get that tight and toned look all over your body. Strength training helps increase calories burned per workout... increases your energy and creates an amazing shape to your physique.


Mistake #4: Long... boring... cardio sessions: Cardio doesn’t have to take hours in order for it to be successful toward weight loss. Our goal is to get in shorter... intense bursts of cardio and interval training... where you’re getting your heart rate up... increasing your calories... and achieving weight loss/body fat loss without spending hours on a treadmill. 


Mistake #5: No Support Group: Trust me… us women THRIVE off of support... accountability and motivating from others who have alike goals. When we are able to reach out for support... share our success and wins with others, we feel 10x more excited about working toward our goals.


Mistake #6: Following cookie cutter nutrition and fitness plans: Listen… if following a workout plan off of Pinterest worked... wouldn’t we all be in the best shape of our lives? Follow a detailed step-by-step program... customized for you... and say goodbye to plateaus... and say HELLO to constant success and celebration over your achievements

Introducing: The Mind-Body Transformation Program

The Mind-Body Transformation Program… is a 12-week training program made from the core of everything I’ve learned that’s proven to help women lose weight… and keep it off for the rest of their life… Packaged into a single program.


This is a step-by-step plan to help you get in the best shape of your life.


In this program you will learn everything you need to know about nutrition… exercise… breaking bad habits… developing a strong routine… creating a healthy relationship with food… setting achievable goals… and how to stay on the path to getting the body YOU have always wanted.

Here's What You'll Find In The Mind-Body Transformation Program

  • Health and wellness consultation with your coach: We’ll start off with a health and wellness phone call where we discuss your current level of health and fitness and your weight-loss goals so we can customize your program to transform your body.

  • Mobile App: This allows you to see your exercise plan, nutrition plan, progress records and much more all in one spot. It also has an in-app chat that allows you to contact your trainer with any questions that you have.

  • Personalized Nutrition Plan: You’ll get an easy-to-follow meal guide plus personalized macros that removes all the guess work with what, when and how much to eat that will boost your metabolism and start melting body fat (Without starving yourself of your favorite foods).

  • Done-For-You Grocery Shopping List: Your grocery shopping list will be based upon your meal plan so that you’ll know exactly what and how much of every food you’ll need to get. This removes all the guesswork when it comes to shopping.

  • Easy to follow Recipes: You’ll receive step-by-step recipes that are flavorful and easy to make that you and your whole family will enjoy.

  • How to swap foods for more variety: You’ll have the ability to easily swap any of the foods listed on your meal plan for another food to spice things up and add a variety of flavorful foods that you love and enjoy.

  • How to easily track what you eat: You’ll discover how to simplify tracking what you eat that it will easily become part of your regular daily routine. You’ll be amazed at how fast the weight falls off when you do this right!

  • How to stay on track even while dining out with friends and family: Receive a complete step by step guide on how to dine out and still stay on track toward your personal fitness goals. This way you can still have a social life, dine out with friends and family and enjoy your life.

  • Customized Workout Program: You’ll get a weekly exercise program that is created specifically for you and your current ability. Each workout will be short, fun and delivers maximum results so you’re constantly shredding body fat and developing toned muscles.

  • How to perform every exercise: You’ll have access to short form videos for each exercise on your routine to ensure you’re getting the most out of each movement on your program.

  • Get Feedback On Your Form: You can send me a video of you performing any exercise movement and receive feedback with any exercise you need some extra support on to ensure the best workout possible.

  • Work outs you can do at home or the gym: You’ll have the option of exercise programs that you can do right in your own living room, at the gym or at a hotel while you’re out of town for the weekend.

  • Short HIIT Cardio Sessions: No more wasting your time on long boring cardio sessions. You’ll get short and fun High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) cardio sessions that will put your body into maximum fat burning mode!

  • Weekly Check-Ins with Your Coach: Accountability and support is an extremely important part of Your weight-loss journey. Each week we’ll get an update on your progress and If you run into a barrier with your progress, this is where I can help you through any challenges, make adjustments, motivate and encourage you to keep you focused on your weight-loss transformation.

  • 24/7 access to client motivation and support group: You’ll have access to our exclusive Member’s only group where you’ll be surrounded by other Motivated Women who have faced similar challenges with their weight loss. This is a supportive environment where you can share your experience, ask questions and learn from the experience of others and the insights they have to offer.


BeneFIT Body Member 

Karissa R.

I lost so many pounds and inches simply by learning how to create balance with food, move more and enjoy the journey. This program is amazing.


Member of BeneFIT Body

Ruthie P.

I lost over 100 pounds in a year with this program. You are worthy of your goals. 


Member of BeneFIT Body

Ariel S.

I lost over 82 pounds while working full time, raising my children and following this amazingly simplified program 


BeneFIT Body Member 

Ronni C.

I am a mom of two. This program fit my lifestyle perfectly. I was able to eat my favorite foods and still lose inches, body fat and tone up all over. 


Member of BeneFIT Body


I did this program postpartum and it worked magic! I am stronger, healthier, happier!


Member of BeneFIT Body

Marcellia S.

I lost over 40 pounds with this program. It's worth every penny. Sign up! You are worthy of your goals!

Plus...Get This FREE Bonus

Daily On-Demand Workout Videos:


Whether you’re exercising while at a gym membership, at home or while traveling… I want you to succeed with your weight loss goals.


That’s why I’m also adding my Daily On-Demand Workout Videos as a free bonus for signing up for the Mind-Body Transformation Program.


My Daily On-Demand Workouts are 15 to 25 minute long full-body bonus workouts that are always fresh, fun and doable no matter what environment you’re in.


These workouts are emailed to your inbox Monday-Saturday and are doable with minimal to no equipment needed (great for beginners).

This Program IS right for you if...

  • You’ve Tried A Bunch of Different Weight Loss Programs Without Seeing Lasting Results.

  • You’ve gotten as far as you can on your own and looking for a fitness coach who can help take you through the finish line.

  • You’re looking for Motivation, Accountability and Support.

  • You’re ready and willing to follow a program that will help you lose the extra weight once and for all…

Let's Recap What You'll Get When You Sign Up For The Mind-Body Transformation Program

The Mind-Body Transformation Program is the result of thousands of hours of personal study and working with clients to find the exact recipe for lasting weight loss success.


It eliminates the need for you to spend countless hours researching for what nutrition and fitness combination actually works.


It’s customized to your specific nutritional and fitness needs… based on where you’re currently at.


You’ll get a customized fitness program tailored to your needs that will help you develop a lean and toned body.


You’ll get customized nutrition plans that will allow you to still eat foods you enjoy and melt bodyfat.


You’ll have access to your own individual account through the BeneFIT Body Phone App where you can see your nutrition plan, exercise program and communicate with your coach all in one spot.


You’ll also get the Daily-On-Demand work outs.


Plus, You’ll have 24/7 access to an exclusive accountability group where you will be able to interact with other members.


All for just a couple dollars per day!

Join The Mind-Body Transformation Program Today! Take The First Step To Getting The Body You've Always Wanted

Membership Options

  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
    Monthly Custom Fitness & Nutrition Coaching
    • Initial Phone Consultation W/Your Coach
    • Personalized Nutrition/Macro Adjustments/Meal + Portions
    • Customized Meal + Snack Suggestions w/Grocery List
    • Supplementation Recommendations
    • Cardio Recommendations
    • Fully Customized Workout Programs W/Constant Adjustments
    • 24/7/365 Access to Your Coach Via BeneFIT Body App Chat
    • In-Depth Weekly Check Ins W/Coach
    • BONUS: Daily On Demand Workouts
    • BONUS: Weekly Women's Health Newsletter
    • BONUS: Free Health & Fitness Simplified eBooks
    • BONUS: 24/7 Access to BeneFIT Body App
  • 3-Month Membership

    3-Months of Customized Coaching
    Valid for 3 months
    • Initial Phone Consultation W/Your Coach
    • Personalized Nutrition/Macro Adjustments/Portion Suggestions
    • Customized Meal + Snack Suggestions w/Portions
    • Grocery Lists + Food Swap Tool
    • Supplementation Recommendation
    • Fully Customized Workouts W/Constant Adjustments
    • Cardio Recommendations
    • 24/7/365 Access to Your Coach Via BeneFIT Body App Chat
    • Weekly In-Depth Check Ins
    • 24/7 Access to Client Support Group
    • BONUS: Daily On Demand Workouts
    • BONUS: Fitness & Nutrition Simplified eBooks
    • BONUS: 24/7 Access to BeneFIT Body App

To get started… select the package that best fits your goals and lifestyle.


Then simply click get started button.


You’ll be taken to a secure payment form where you can complete your sign up.


Once you sign up… you’ll receive an email with direction on how to set up your initial phone call with your coach.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

When you invest into The Mind-Body Transformation Program it comes with a 30 Day… 100% Money Back Guarantee.


I’m completely confident that this program is going to transform your body and help you keep the weight off for good…


Because it’s proven to work with hundreds of my online & in-person clients.


What I’ve created is a complete program on how to get the body you’ve always dreamed of…


This can change your life forever.


But if you’re not satisfied with your results in the first 30 Days…


Simply email me…


And I’ll send you a full refund with no questions asked…


There’s absolutely no risk for you to try it out…

You're at an important moment in your life... a crossroad where your decision will lead to very different outcomes...

The reality is…


At this point in time… You’re faced with one of three choices.




You can procrastinate…


Say that you’ll do it later…


Put it off until the time is “just right” …


Staying trapped exactly where you’re currently at…


Feeling bloated… self-conscious… and uncomfortable in your own skin.


Wondering why you can’t create any long-lasting changes despite everything you’ve tried…




You can spend hundreds of hours researching how to do it on your own…


Staying up until the early hours of the morning combing through websites… articles… and books…


Experimenting with random diet and work out plans… month after month until you finally figure it out…






You can decide to take action right now…


And let me guide you step-by-step… 


How to melt away stubborn body fat… boost your energy… tone your body… gain confidence in your own skin… and keep the weight off for good.


Simply click the button below to get started with The Mind-Body Transformation Program…


Because you deserve having the body you’ve always wanted.

Join The Mind-Body Transformation Program Today!

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Take a moment and just imagine...

Imagine waking up every morning… going to your closet and being able to pick out any outfit you wanted to wear for the day...and feeling amazing in it. 


Imagine looking in the mirror and smiling from the pride you feel when you see how far you’ve come since you started


Imagine feeling so confident in your skin that you start to feel great around your partner again… or just sexy and confident in general. 


Imagine the feeling of empowerment you will feel once you've completed this program and have achieved things you've only said you'd do for the past 5, 10+ years...


Then select one of the packages below and click the get started button.


Thank you for your time.


I can’t wait to see the difference this program makes in your life

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am brand new to working out… is this right for me?


Absolutely YES. BeneFIT Body works with many women who are are BRAND new to exercising, lifting weights and working with a trainer… you are educated on every level. From form critique, providing modifications as needed and always giving exercises for your current level of fitness to help you work your way up! This is the place to be.


I don’t have a lot of equipment (or any at all), can I do this program?

Absolutely. In fact, you don’t need any equipment at all. ALL of my programs given to clients are custom built… this means you workout program is put together based on WHERE you plan to workout, the time you have to deveote to working out and what equipment you have (if any).


I have Physical (or nutritional) restrictions, can I still do this?


Definitely yes. Don’t let physical or nutria limiations prevent you from getting started. I am a certified nutritionist and trainer who custom creates all nutrition and fitness planning – tailored to your abilities, food preferences, dislikes, allergies, limitations and currently lifestyle.


Can I Do this program at home?


Absolutely. Almost half of my clients work out exclusively from home. 


Do I have to work out 6 days a week to see results?


Definitely not. Because everyones lifestyle and schedule is different, I put a large emphasis on personalizing your workout time to ensure you’re able to get the best results possible with the time you have available each week to get in workouts! 


How long will it take before I see results?


Results come relatively quickly, per the client following the routine closely. Put in the work, see the results!


Will I get big and bulky from lifting weights?


This is such a common misconception to beginners and with women who are new to fitness in general. Strength training on the contrary, is in fact the number one way to get that tight and toned look all over your body. Strength training helps increase overall calories burned per workout, increases your energy and ultimately, creates an amazing shape to your physique. 


Can I do this if I have a lot of food allergies and/or restrictions?


Definitely yes. I am a certified nutritionist who has worked with a large range of allergies, diet restrictions, intolerances, food preferences, etc. 


I am a super busy mom, is this something doable for me?


Hi! Super busy mom over here speaking. This is absolutely something doable for you. Living the super busy mom lifestyle isn’t for the weak hearted…however, rest assured, you’re going to love how you can tie this program right into your current schedule. 


Am I going to be able to eat out with friends and family again?


No way! Socializing is a huge and important piece of life. Our goal here is to focus on creating healthy boundaries with food, focus on portion control, making better choices and zooming in on tracking your overall caloric intake/macronutrient intake per day for the best results ever. 


Will I have to give up foods I like to see results?


Because we use a flexible nutrition approach, you will not be asked to give up any food you enjoy. We focus in on portion control, tracking nutrition for success, creating healthy boundaries with food and learning how to plan for success. 

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