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Meet Kelsey


Certified Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist and Personal Coach

I am a personal trainer/nutrition coach & women's personal growth mentor who has worked with thousands of women country-wide. I am transparent with my clients and love to share my own personal journey with battling obesity, eating disorders and postpartum. I am a wife to my husband who I have been with for 10 years and a mother to our daughter Chloe who is a little over 2. My approach to fitness, health and overall well-being is to focus in on not only creating a healthy relationship with food and fitness, but also yourself. Working together, we will zoom in on confidence building, goal establishing, self-love, time management and creating a long-lasting passion for a healthy lifestyle physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

My Vision

Hours in the gym and restrictive dieting do not work for most people. It is unrealistic to plan to spend 2 hours a day in the gym and follow a very restrictive diet long-term. This is exactly why BeneFIT Body's core values are to show clients how to lose body fat and inches with an approach that flows so naturally with your life it feels almost effortless to see results. BeneFIT Body's primary goal with each client is to educate and inspire through providing tools, strategies and a community full of other women who are working toward similar health and fitness goals. 

BeneFIT Body's entire approach is based off focusing on creating boundaries and personal growth rather than quick fixes. The whole goal is to create a lifelong positive lifestyle change for all clients - and thats established by educating others how you can drop body fat and keep it off with intense but quick workouts and a nutrition regimen that lets you eat all of the foods you love and enjoy within boundaries we create together. Long-term results come from a routine that you can follow long-term.

For us women who are in charge of everything in life, it’s important to find a coach will provide you with not only kick ass workouts and a nutrition plan that will lead you to the body you want, but also a coach who will work with your schedule, your lifestyle…so that getting fit doesn’t feel like a chore, but rather something you enjoy.

Most coaches will overlook the importance of personalizing each program, but it is the absolute key fundamental to creating an actual life-long lifestyle change for your body and health…and if you’re always being provided cookie cutter workouts and meal plans, how can you ever expect to truly see great results when the program is not easily sustainable nor created for your life!

Over the past decade I have researched and studied exactly why diets fail and why many women have troubles achieving their fitness and health goals. Knowing this information has helped BeneFIT Body create the most intense, results-giving program that sets each client up for maximum long-term success.

Along with having a personal coach to guide you along the way, you are provided unconditional support not only physically, but mentally as well. You are are provided motivation and accountability from your coach, but also a team of hundreds and hundred of other women around the globe who all have different fitness and nutrition goals they are working toward, but all have something in common...and that''s working toward the best version of themselves possible!

Come discover what this life-changing program can do for your health!

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