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Available in Tri-Cities, Washington

Losing weight can be HARD. If you're stuck in a rut or feeling frustrated with the lack of result you've been seeing...this is the program for Y O U !  Being a wife and a mother I too, know how challenging it can be to find "the time" for your health and fitness! That is exactly why I have made TIME my number one focal point when creating these fat loss fitness plans. 

The whole point of signing up with a trainer or a coach is to make it easier for you to see the results you crave to see for yourself. With that being said, when you enroll in ANY of my fitness training programs you not only receive fitness training however many times a week you wish to attend, you also receive top of the line nutritional coaching and guidance by myself and a team of nutritionists who work hard to create and provide top notch routines that fit the individuals lifestyle. Whether the client thrives off of a more flexible approach to dieting or prefers a scheduled, detailed and easy-to-follow meal plan...we got you covered! 

You see my whole philosophy behind my coaching is to provide the whole enchilada to you...QUICK and FUN in-person sessions, a very personalized nutrition routine, workout routines for you to follow outside of our sessions provided to you through private access to the BeneFIT Body Training App, weekly IN-PERSON check-ins (weigh-ins, measurements, BMI/BF% analysis and progress photos), recipes, dining out tips and tricks as well as many educational eBooks that I personally have crafted over the 9 years of personal training and coaching. 

Fitness sessions are held in a women-only private studio! All equipment needed for our sessions is provided!

Located at:

The Fitting Room:

1393 George Washington Way ste 3, Richland, WA 99354

How this is different from anything you've ever tried...

If you enroll in ANY of the three programs below you're going to experience something new and refreshing that is going to give you A M A Z I N G results long-term...without having to give up ANY of your favorite foods and spend hours upon hours each week in a gym working out...NOPE! Not here! 

The training philosophy I proudly stand by has worked for thousands of women country-wide and continues to be the foundation for many women's fitness and health success and results. 

When you join our family, you are given all of the tools you need to see R E A L results with your body and health. You are provided top notch nutrition coaching that is always customized to each clients wants and needs. All material and education has been created by your coach and a small team of nutritionists who are here to help YOU every step of the way nutritionally. During our time working together you are also provided the best and most efficient exercise plan to fit your goals. The game plan is to make it to where outside of our training sessions, you will have a few workouts to do that can take place either in your living room with absolutely no equipment required or a gym - its up to you! AGAIN, every clients lifestyle is different and I pride myself on creating customized routines so that each and every one of my clients is being set up for ultimate success!

All fitness sessions with your coach are 1 hour long and will include every thing you need in order to warm up, stretch, get your heart rate to the perfect fat burning zone, on top of working with weights to create that lean sexy toned muscle look and ending with a much needed cool down! The more sessions you attend each week, the faster and more intense the results will come! 

So come and discover just what you're capable of with us! I promise you nothing but incredible results within the first month or the whole month is on me! Seriously! Cash back in your pocket...that is how confident I am that you will fall in LOVE with this special and kick butt program if you just come and check it out :) 

I consider every single client of mine (past, future and current), a part of my family. Yes, you are a client and yes this is what I do for a living...but it means so much more to me than just that...I live, breathe, eat and sleep fitness and health. I love to help others achieve their fitness and health goals. I love to help and educate women on just how easy getting into amazing shape really can be...I love to show women their worth and help them realize just how truly beautiful and capable they truly all are! 

Our Game Plan To Get You LOSING (but really, winning)

  •  Intense FOURTY-MINUTE fat burning SESSIONS so that you do not have to spend hours exercising outside of our sessions! If you can commit to just 3 days a week to get to a session, I promise you that you won't even need to commit to outside workouts to see amazing results!

  • AMAZING custom built nutrition plans that are updated as YOU lose inches and body fat. The ultimate key factor to losing weight and keeping it off is by finding a routine that is sustainable long-term...our nutrition plans are exactly that because they are built and created for NORMAL people like you and I who are busy with work, kids, life, etc. 

  • 24/7/365 access to REAL LIVE coaching, Q&A and support. Because we thrive off connection. 

  • Private access to the BeneFIT Body app - it's like having your personal trainer in the palm of your hands at all times! Where you're able to access your put together workouts to do outside of our sessions, nutrition plan, messenger tool and many other awesome features

  • IN-PERSON AND ONLINE WEEKLY CHECK-INS! This is huge! And is something most other trainers do NOT offer! Come in once a week to be accurately weighed, measured, BF% and BMI analysis and the perfect progress photos for you! 

  • RESULTS! It's guaranteed - if you attend our sessions, you're going to have a blast, probably make a friend or two...and see some SMASHING fat loss results :) 

The body is a very powerful thing - we only get one of them in our lifetime - lets celebrate it by making it an important thing in our lives by strengthening it and nourishing it.


-Kelsey Melling 

Losing Inches & Pounds Does NOT Have to be boring and hard!

Join ANY of my personal training programs and lose weight, tighten/tone all while having FUN and enjoying the journey! With any of the programs offered, you will be set up for ultimate success towards your fitness and health goals. 
Here's what we'd do together...
Meet weekly 1, 2 or 3 times a week at my private, women's only fitness studio for our fat burning and muscle toning sessions! (All equipment needed, water, pre-workout and post-workout drinks are provided at the studio!) 
Accept your invitation to my private clients-only BeneFIT Body Fitness & Nutrition app - where you will have 24/7 access to your workouts/workout videos provided by me, schedule, nutrition regimen, progress reports, live messenger tool, My Fitness Pal updates + so much more! 
Follow a custom created workout routine built by yours truly outside of our training session(s)! Remember, the more sessions we have together each week, the less you have to workout on your own! BONUS!
Follow a personalized nutrition routine created by myself and a small team of registered dietitians -- your nutrition plan is specially put together every time with the clients food interests/lifestyle/food preferences/family/etc. in mind! Its all about what is going to be easiest for Y O U to follow long-term! 
Attend our in-person weekly check-ins as much as possible! Receive free in person check-ins every week where I personally weigh you, measure you, provide a body fat and BMI analysis update + take progress photos for you in private! This is a HUGE piece to accountability
See RESULTS! It might sound so simple and that's because it truly is! Follow your workouts, attend your sessions, adhere to your nutrition routine and see the most incredible results you could ever imagine achieving! SERIOUSLY! 
I have helped thousands of women all over the country and I would be more than happy to help you now as well! 

BeneFITBody Personal Training Programs 

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Classes are held at:

The Fitting Room: Group fitness dance and yoga studio in Richland WA

Group fitness, dance, and yoga classes; including Hip Hop, Belly Dancing, beginners yoga and personal training. Join a class or rent the studio today!