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It's Time to Transform Your Relationship with Your Mind, Body & Health



It's Time To Change Your Life...For Real This Time! 

BeneFIT Body was created with a sincere purpose and burning passion to help women achieve amazing health and incredible mindsets. 




































































































It’s truly incredible to know what the f
Kelsey Melling





I am a personal trainer/nutrition coach & women's personal growth mentor who has worked with thousands of women country-wide. I am transparent with my clients and love to share my own personal journey with battling obesity, eating disorders and postpartum. I am a wife to my husband who I have been with for 10 years and a mother to our daughter Chloe who is a little over 2! My approach to fitness, health and overall well-being is to focus in on not only creating a healthy relationship with food and fitness, but also yourself! Working together, we will zoom in on confidence building, goal establishing, self-love, time management and creating a long-lasting passion for a healthy lifestyle physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

For years and years of my life, I thought the only way to get in a healthy shape was to track every single calorie I ingested and spend hours of the day in the gym...#momlife has inspired me to learn a new approach to fitness & health and I am excited to share it with you.
Becoming a mother has changed so many things for me in my life. Before I had our daughter, I was the "no excuses" kind of gal. I spent an hour to two hours in the gym 6 days a week and spent almost an entire day meal prepping, weighing and tracking all of my meals. Were the results coming from this method? A B S O L U T E L Y! But the problem from this method was that it was definitely not sustainable as a mom. Now that I understand the true challenges mothers face when it comes to fitness and health goals, is that we really really are truly pressed for time...for most of the time! Which is why after I had Chloe I was destined to discover an approach to fitness and health that WAS sustainable for mothers - that wouldn't have us following some intricate meal plan or tracking every calorie we ate...or even harder...spending hours in a gym every day! I am proud to say that getting in great shape is possible with my method - no dieting and no intense restrictions!
Coming up on 36 weeks and feeling wonder


Now as a wife and a mother I can HONESTLY say I am living the best part of my life!
Enjoying time with my family, enjoying vacations and adventure.
Eating the piece of chocolate and drinking the glass of wine.
Getting workouts in at the gym and at-home (while my kiddo naps!)
Eating well, progressing toward goals while NOT dieting!

Results are found with consistency and dedication, not through restriction and overwhelm


You Can & You Will

Achieve the health you desire
Discover your strength & energy
Reveal the best version of YOU
We get one life - make it amazing
Begin Your Transformation Today

Here's The Truth...

Most approaches used by trainers and coaches are not sustainable and are incredibly restricted

Hours in the gym and restrictive dieting do not work for most people. It is unrealistic to plan to spend 2 hours a day in the gym and follow a very restrictive diet long-term. This is exactly why BeneFIT Body's core values are to show clients how to lose body fat and inches with an approach that flows so naturally with your life it feels almost effortless to see results. BeneFIT Body's primary goal with each client is to educate and inspire through providing tools, strategies and a community full of other women who are working toward similar health and fitness goals. 

BeneFIT Body's entire approach is based off focusing on creating boundaries and personal growth rather than quick fixes. The whole goal is to create a lifelong positive lifestyle change for all clients - and thats established by educating others how you can drop body fat and keep it off with intense but quick workouts and a nutrition regimen that lets you eat all of the foods you love and enjoy within boundaries we create together. Long-term results come from a routine that you can follow long-term.

For us women who are in charge of everything in life, it’s important to find a coach will provide you with not only kick ass workouts and a nutrition plan that will lead you to the body you want, but also a coach who will work with your schedule, your lifestyle…so that getting fit doesn’t feel like a chore, but rather something you enjoy.

Most coaches will overlook the importance of personalizing each program, but it is the absolute key fundamental to creating an actual life-long lifestyle change for your body and health…and if you’re always being provided cookie cutter workouts and meal plans, how can you ever expect to truly see great results when the program is not easily sustainable nor created for your life!

Over the past decade I have researched and studied exactly why diets fail and why many women have troubles achieving their fitness and health goals. Knowing this information has helped BeneFIT Body create the most intense, results-giving program that sets each client up for maximum long-term success.

Along with having a personal coach to guide you along the way, you are provided unconditional support not only physically, but mentally as well. You are are provided motivation and accountability from your coach, but also a team of hundreds and hundred of other women around the globe who all have different fitness and nutrition goals they are working toward, but all have something in common...and that''s working toward the best version of themselves possible!

Come discover what this life-changing program can do for your health!



Get Started Today & You Will Get Access To

Note: Bullets with a *** sign mean they are only offered inside of the local coaching packages 

  • Daily Custom Workouts: Everyday, I am showing up with and for you! Enjoy workouts no longer than 22 minutes, all at-home with very minimal equipment 
  • VIP Access to BeneFIT Body Private Community Group: Enjoy the support and motivation from myself and other women countrywide. 
  • Nutritional Support & Guidance Toward Your Goals: Throw away your meal plan! Stop tracking every calorie you consume - we adhere approaches that are sustainable for life! Your nutrition plan is specially put together every time with the clients food interests/lifestyle/food preferences/family/etc. in mind! Its all about what is going to be easiest for Y O U to follow long-term!
  • 24/7 App Access to BeneFIT Body's custom built app for clients only! Enjoy a client/trainer messenger tool, workout calendar and other progress tools here!
  • Access to my private BeneFIT Body women's personal growth coaching platform: Enjoy and grow mentally and spiritually with following my women's life coaching course to help you improve all areas of your life such as time management, confidence, creating boundaries, goals and much more
  • Helpful grocery list ideas, constant new recipes and tips and tricks on how to stay on the path during events/vacations/etc.
  • Weekly check-ins with your coach: Check in weekly either through an email or a special video text with your coach to keep you on track and feel best supported
  • 1:1 Coaching calls: Depending on the program you enroll in, enjoy 1-3 20-minute coaching calls with your coach - these calls are a great time to connect on deeper challenges and create solutions
  • Live Group Report & Inspire Zoom Calls: Depending on the program, join us 2-4x a week for live group coaching calls where we work together on challenges as a group!
  • See incredible changes in all areas of life: It sounds so simple, but thats because working together, it truly does become so much more doable! Every woman is different and we all live a different lifestyle - thats why no two programs are exactly the same. Enjoy inclusive support daily, motivation and coaching not only for fitness and health goals but life coaching and how to create a healthy, happy and CONFIDENT you
I have helped thousands of women all over the country and I would be more than happy to help you now as well! 


You are about to join the most life changing community online

#Benefitchick Success

Real Women, Real Results 

Progress Photo 3.jpg

I'm Ready To Do This!


BeneFIT Body Testimonials

I've been working with Kelsey for over 2 years now and just when I feel like I can't progress any further, I surprise myself and make another leap forward. There is always room for growth 

-Mellisa H

Working with Kelsey has transformed my relationship with not only food and fitness, but how I feel about myself and my ability to grow as a woman and mother.

-Shannon K

Working with Kelsey has transformed my relationship with not only food and fitness, but how I feel about myself and my ability to grow as a woman and mother.

-Shannon K

Working with Kelsey really helped me prove to myself just how strong, capable and worthy I truly am of being my own best version of me.

-Cheryl M





Do I need a gym membership or equipment?

No gym membership is needed and yes! A few small pieces of equipment will be recommended for your workouts.

How do I cancel my membership if I wish to?

Email - all programs require a 30-day cancellation notification.

What happens after I sign up for a program?

Check your email for instant access to my personally created eBooks, your invitation to my app & women's personal growth coaching teaching platform.

When will I receive my plan and program after enrolling?

Within 48 hours (during business days Monday-Friday), after enrollment you will have your routine and program complete and sent to you.

Do you offer refunds?

All programs come with an iron-clad 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

VIP Coaching
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