Your Coaching Experience 

A warm welcome to you and a congratulations for making that big leap forward toward your health and fitness goals...we are going to truly transform your body, health and mindset together!

You and I are now on the same team and your success is BOTH of our top priority moving forward. 

This is going to be something you've never experienced before working with a coach...and with that being said, while we are working together there are a couple of things I a going to need from Y O U as well!

- Have an open and "coachable" mindset/attitude (we are working together for a reason! I am here to help you in my area of expertise and knowledge - take my hand!)

- Be willing to step outside of your comfort bubble (this is where the magic happens)

- Communicate well (this doesn't mean we have to chit chat every day, however, expect to be checking in throughout the week, and definitely once a week at the least! If you're a local client, this means showing up to your sessions, if you're an online client this means showing up to your coaching calls and being ready and available to connect! TRUST ME, FOLKS! Good communication = the key to success with a coaching plan 

- Think logically and rationally (if challenges arise, lets work them out together! Our goal together is to become solution-based women - especially during times where things may become a little chaotic) 

- Be comfortable! You and I have to have a good relationship! There's no way around this! Feel comfortable being true and honest with me as your coach. I am here to encourage and help you G R O W!

-Lastly, HAVE FUN! We get one life here on this planet! (so I think...). make every day special and enjoy all of the moments in between our big celebratory wins.