Frequently Asked Questions from Clients...Turned Into Informational Videos For Clients!


Welcome Aboard Video

What to Expect Video

Important Scheduling Video

How to Login and Use the BeneFIT Body App

How to Login and Use the BeneFIT Body Nutrition Website

How to Access Your BeneFIT Body Personal Growth Coaching Platform

How to Schedule Coaching Calls (for online package clients only!)


The Fundamentals of Fitness 

How to Get Started with your Workouts 

Rest Days 

Knowing How Much Weight to Lift

How to Know When You're Ready to Increase Weight Load?

What is the Best Type of Cardio?


The Fundamentals of Nutrition 

Different Approaches Used With Nutrition Guidance

How to Login and Use My Fitness Pal

How to Weight & Track Nutrition

Eating Out Tips and Tricks

Support & Motivation

Establishing your reasons "why"

Creating Measurable Goals Along The Way to your Big Picture Goals 

How to Know When You Need Some Extra Support/Guidance 

How to Assess a Personal Check-In With Your Goals

Mindset & Personal Growth

Creating Incredible Confidence

Establishing a Self-Care Routine

Why Your Workout Time is Crucial 

Creating a Vision for Yourself and Sticking to It