Local Training Memberships

Due to Covid-19, all in person assessments and coaching have been postponed. 

Once we are able to meet again in person we will be limiting the room to a 5 person max, social distancing 6-feet between each other and will be refraining from classes, but will provide weekly health check ins, measurements, nutrition assessments, create goals for the week, Women's Health & Mindset Q&A, and instruction/goal setting for the upcoming week for at-home exercises, positive mindsets and nutrition planning!

When we are able to meet, sessions will look like this!

-4 women in the room total, distanced 6 feet apart!

-Individual print outs for each client with the upcoming week program, instruction, goals to work on, etc.

-Individual print outs for meal guides, at-home exercise guide, mindset tools and tricks.

-Q&A from each client

-Measurement. weight and progress photo check in - measuring tools will be sanitized between each use

-Discussing game plans on how to reach clients next target goal with health

We know this is a weird time in life right now - but staying healthy and staying strong physically and mentally is crucial right now! (especially for us women!)

So lets make the best of this, be smart about this, but also do what we can with what we are able to so we can live the healthiest and happiest lives we can

Enroll in ANY of the three programs below you're going to experience something new and refreshing that is going to give you

A M A Z I N G results long-term...without having to give up ANY of your favorite foods and spend hours upon hours each week in a gym working out...NOPE! Not here...

The training philosophy I proudly stand by has worked for thousands of women country-wide and continues to be the foundation for many women's fitness and health success and results. 

When you join our family, you are given all of the tools you need to see R E A L results with your body and health. You are provided top notch nutrition coaching that is always customized to each clients wants and needs. All material and education has been created by your coach and a small team of nutritionists who are here to help YOU every step of the way nutritionally. During our time working together you are also provided the best and most efficient exercise plan to fit your goals. The game plan is to make it to where outside of our training sessions, you will have a few workouts to do that can take place either in your living room with absolutely no equipment required or a gym - its up to you! AGAIN, every clients lifestyle is different and I pride myself on creating customized routines so that each and every one of my clients is being set up for ultimate success!

All fitness sessions with your coach are 40 intentional minutes long and will include every thing you need in order to warm up, stretch, get your heart rate to the perfect fat burning zone, on top of working with weights to create that lean sexy toned muscle look and ending with a much needed cool down! The more sessions you attend each week, the faster and more intense the results will come! 

So come and discover just what you're capable of with us! I promise you nothing but incredible results within the first month or the whole month is on me! Seriously! Cash back in your pocket...that is how confident I am that you will fall in LOVE with this special and kick butt program if you just come and check it out :) 

I consider every single client of mine (past, future and current), a part of my family. Yes, you are a client and yes this is what I do for a living...but it means so much more to me than just that...I live, breathe, eat and sleep fitness and health. I love to help others achieve their fitness and health goals. I love to help and educate women on just how easy getting into amazing shape really can be...I love to show women their worth and help them realize just how truly beautiful and capable they truly all are! 

Affirm payment programs available soon

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