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Losing weight can be HARD. If you're stuck in a rut or feeling frustrated with the lack of result you've been seeing...this is the program for Y O U !  Being a wife and a mother I too, know how challenging it can be to find "the time" for your health and fitness! That is exactly why I have made TIME my number one focal point when creating these fat loss fitness plans. 

The whole point of signing up with a trainer or a coach is to make it easier for you to see the results you crave to see for yourself. With that being said, when you enroll in ANY of my fitness training programs you not only receive fitness training however many times a week you wish to attend, you also receive top of the line nutritional coaching and guidance by myself and a team of nutritionists who work hard to create and provide top notch routines that fit the individuals lifestyle. Whether the client thrives off of a more flexible approach to dieting or prefers a scheduled, detailed and easy-to-follow meal plan...we got you covered! 

You see my whole philosophy behind my coaching is to provide the whole enchilada to you...QUICK and FUN in-person sessions, a very personalized nutrition routine, workout routines for you to follow outside of our sessions provided to you through private access to the BeneFIT Body Training App, weekly IN-PERSON check-ins (weigh-ins, measurements, BMI/BF% analysis and progress photos), recipes, dining out tips and tricks as well as many educational eBooks that I personally have crafted over the 9 years of personal training and coaching. 

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